Monday, October 26, 2015

Labour must defend the poor and rediscover its moral compass

What is the Labour Party for? What is a Labour government for? Too often I get the impression that those on the right wing of the party want future Labour Ministers to be technocrats and administrators, competent but uninspiring. On the left they appear to prefer preachers to Generals, rhetoric not the hard slog of governing.

The debate surrounding the abolition of tax credits offers the labour party the chance to rediscover its mission and purpose. The opposition to the taking away tax credits should be led by Labour MPs and Peers on the grounds of morality and fairness. The Tories can seek to defend the unjust distribution of goods and services whereby a relative minority of wealthy groups and ruling classes use their power and influence to perpetuate macro-economic and political structures which exploit the labour and lives of the vast majority of the this country's population.

Politics that seeks the liberation of people from poverty, injustice and persecution can be a powerful force for change. At home and abroad it is time for Labour to make a preferential option for the poor. It is time to take sides and end the political cross-dressing of the 1990s. As a political party it is time for us to be clear about who we are, who we were and what we want to become.

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