Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Telford United: Don't let the EDL divide our borough

The far-right English Defence League has signalled its intention to hold a march in Telford on August 13 2011. The EDL wishes to divide our diverse community, incite religious and racial hatred and turn the borough's citizens against one another. Residents from across the borough, from every section of the community, all faiths and none, have come together to express their opposition to this march taking place. Previous marches in other parts of the country have seen racist activists bussed in from as far afield as Norway and Germany. Alleged links have now emerged between the EDL and Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian who massacred scores of people last week. EDL members with their divisive intentions, who have no connection to our local community, should not be permitted to come here and potentially destroy the cohesive atmosphere we have worked hard to sustain.

The EDL are not welcome in Telford, indeed they are not welcome anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Mike, is it a problem if it is a peaceful protest? Surely everybody has a right to express their views, no matter if we agree with them or not, I believe we are over-hyping the EDL in Telford, let them protest as is a national right, let the police control it. If people turn up to cause trouble becuase they disagree with the EDL then surely they are worse than the protestors.

wonkotsane said...

The EDL have a right to peaceful protest - it's in the Human Rights Act that your party introduced. UAF, SWP and other left wing fascists including yourself have the same right. Feel free to protest against the EDL's protest against Islamisation of the UK if that's what you support. I don't support the EDL, I don't support UAF or the SWP or Labour or you but I defend the right of all of you to peacefully protest for what you believe in.

As for the alleged link between Breivik and the EDL - that's already been shown to have been completely fabricated, wishful thinking by the left wing British media.

I am deeply ashamed to have you as an elected representative in our town. You are an illiberal anti-democrat who advocates the kind of Orwellian state where thinking the "wrong" type of thoughts is a crime.

Anonymous said...

Why has Mike remained silent about the reasons why the EDL are protesting in the first place?

wonkotsane said...

Why has he stayed quiet about the fact the EDL didn't cause a riot but the far left "unity rally" had people there with their faces covered ready for trouble?

As I said already, if you keep the far left thugs away from the EDL there is rarely any trouble.