Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Shame on the Co-op!

You may be aware that the Co-op announced earlier today that it will continue to advertise in the News of the World. This is in stark contrast to the likes of Ford, NPower, Halifax, T-Mobile and others have all announced that they are at least reconsidering their advertising contracts with the NOTW.

In response to today's revelations the Co-op stated: “These are allegations. We have no plans to withdraw our advertising.”

Lets consider some of the facts shall we:

1. The Chair of the Press Complaints Commission today stated that the NOTW lied to the PCC.

2. The former editor of the NOTW and current UK Chief Exec of News International, has told a Select Committee that the paper has in the past paid police officers for information.

3.The private investigator who hacked into Milly Dowler's voicemail, has released a statement in which he made no denial of the allegation, but instead clearly stated that his work was at the request of NOTW journalists.

Want to get the Co-op to change their mind? You can phone their Customer Relations line on 0800 068 6727 or email their Head of Marketing, a lady called Gill Barr Gill.Barr@co-operative.coop.

If like me you are a Co-op member or if you use any of the Co-op's services, why not give them a call or write them an email and tell them - politely, but firmly - how you feel about their much-vaunted ethical policy in the light of their continued enthusiasm to pay money to a newspaper which has ALREADY admitted criminal behaviour, and which on a day to day basis is exposed as have committed more, worse each time.

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