Friday, July 29, 2011

The EDL are not welcome in Telford

If there is one thing that unites the mainstream political parties here in Telford it is a belief that the town's cosmopolitan population is one of its greatest assets. The only group who seem to be ignorant of this is the English Defence League. What the EDL and their supporters fail to understand is that good will and a strong sense of fellowship is the hall mark of Telford; tolerance and acceptance is here in abundance. I have not met one person who has expressed support for the EDL demonstration, and many have told me of their sadness and concern that our town will be subjected to their hateful behaviour. Local people are attempting to build a society where violence and intolerance play no part – this I witness every day, and it fills me with pride for our town. There is always room for reasonable debate about community relations but the EDL are not the people to lead it. They are as unwelcome as their antecedents in the National Front and the BNP and they should stay out of Telford – and everywhere else.

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