Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why I will be voting YES to AV in May

The planned referendum on voting reform will take place on 5th May 2011 and after much thought, reading and discussion I have decided that I will be voting YES. The Alternative Vote will ensure that every MP has at least 50% support in their constituency whilst the present, First-Past-The-Post system only ensures the largest minority elect our MPs. Under AV voters can indicate their first preference in the knowledge that their second, third choices etc. will not be harmed. AV is used throughout the world, most notably Australia and Ireland and a version of it is used to elect the London Mayor. It is also used extensively by the Labour party to select candidates, the leader and the deputy leader. It is used by MPs to elect the Speaker. In fact all the UK political parties, Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem and others use preferential voting to elect their leaders and for their other internal elections. None of them use First-Past-The-Post. Isn't it time we had the same say as politicians give themselves?

If you vote YES in May you will be helping to ensure that:

All MPs will need 50% of the vote to be elected

The number of so called 'safe seats' is radically reduced - currently 70% of seats never change hands.

It will be even harder for the likes of Nick Griffin and other extreme candidates to get elected. A BNP candidate for example would need 50% of the vote to be elected under AV.

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