Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski and the courage of his convictions

In July of this year the Tory MP for Shrewsbury wrote a piece for the Conservative Home website that the AV electoral system would unfairly create two classes of voter. Mr Kawczynski is the chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the promotion of first-past-the-post and his seat of Shrewsbury is one that is clearly vulnerable if AV were to be introduced at the next election. He is quoted in The Sun (July 2010) as follows:

"This is just something the liberal elite wants. My constituents are interested in health services, schools and infrastructure."

In the debate last night he stated:

"As chairman of the all-party group, I am in a difficult position. Do I go with my gut reaction and vote against this legislation or do I fulfil my obligations and loyalty to my party leader, our Prime Minister, and to the party?"

One would have thought therefore that Mr Kawczynski would have had the moral courage to follow his convictions and vote against the AV Referendum Bill. He didn't - though 10 Tory MPs did. Why did you bottle it Daniel?

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