Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why I proudly voted for Ed Miliband

As an ordinary, 'bog standard' Labour party member I voted for Ed Miliband and did so with pride and enthusiasm. The tabloid 'Red Ed' nonsense is cheap and without substance. What sets Ed Miliband apart as a politician is his passionate belief that government must do things with people; he sees political debate in terms of progress versus conservatism and the world not in terms of right and left, but right and wrong. Throughout his superbly judged campaign he spoke about one of the the main reasons for people being turned off politics being because all too often political debate seems irrelevant to the reality of their everyday lives.

He understands that many ordinary voters feel that they are being manipulated because they are always being asked to make false choices: you're labelled as either pro-business or pro-unions, pro-growth or pro-environment, for civil liberties or against them, a progressive or a dinosaur. Ed Miliband espouses a politics that looks for cooperation not competition, the hand up and not just the hand out.

The election of Ed Miliband as Labour Leader makes it clear that many others in my party believe that such sentiments are important, many in the country will also.

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