Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Why Labour needs Ed Miliband as its next Leader

The race is on and I will be openly and enthusiastically backing Ed Miliband. Ed's appeal is his message that only collaboration can help make Britain everything that it ought to be - a nation reunited with itself and rededicated to its best ideals. He is a politician that is passionate that government must do things with people, he sees political debate in terms of progress versus conservatism and the world not in terms of right and left, but right and wrong. Ed has long recognised that one of the the main reasons for people being turned off politics is because it (political debate) seems irrelevant to them, they feel that they are being manipulated because they are always being asked to make false choices: you're either staunchly religious or vehemently secular, pro-business or pro-unions, pro-growth or pro-environment, for civil liberties or against them, a progressive or a dinosaur. The truth is, of course, that most people don't think like this, most people don't live their lives in this way, and most people long for a politics where we have genuine arguments, vigorous disagreements, where we don't claim to have a monopoly on what is right or wrong, where we don't demonise our political opponents. Most people want their politicians to engage in what Barack Obama called a "fair-minded" approach to politics; politics that understands that truth and certainty are not the same thing. Some describe this approach as the politics of the common good or perhaps more accurately, the politics of hope.

Ed Miliband espouses a politics that looks for cooperation not competition, the hand up and not just the hand out. Looking at how people have already signed up to support Ed it is clear that many others believe that such sentiments are important - indeed they are worth voting for.

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Anonymous said...

But what is his thoughts what does he think about lets say my specialty Welfare reforms, because I know what he thought when he was New labour, we cannot carry on paying out large sums of money to people who can and should work, we have to many people who are work shy and sadly experts at claiming benefits.

He asked me what was my disability I said the simple term it's called Paraplegia caused by a break in the spinal cord at the L5, otherwise known as a lesion.

The problem is like most people welfare has become a word for scroungers work shy and people claiming money for no reason.

Blair remarks about work shy taking money from tax payers, Blair also said these people get benefits because they are seen by their own GP, actually we are seen by a private doctor sent out by Atos.

I'm not sure what labour stand for anymore and I think in my area a lot of people will say to you, vote labour vote Tory vote Liberal they are all the same.

Brown tried to stop DLA before he retired to writing in his home when he should be in London facing the music.

Yes I know the 10p tax fiasco was an accident, yet I do not remember many of the Labour leadership contenders saying much, oh yes they have now.

But sadly it's knowing what these people will do if they become leader that now matters, and I sadly do not care anymore.