Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why I believe Ed Miliband should be the next Leader of the Labour Party

I am delighted that Ed Miliband has decided to throw his hat in the ring and will contest the race to become leader of the Labour party and I will be actively supporting his campaign in any way I can. I admire Ed enormously and feel that he is a man of real moral stature and courage and I am confident that he will have broad appeal both across the party and the country.

I am firmly of the view that Ed Miliband is the candidate who is best placed to help shape the future direction of our party. Ed is a conviction politician. He has proved himself as an effective and hard working MP and as an outstanding Government Minister. I am backing Ed because I want my party to be led by someone who will listen to ordinary party members, people who are driven not by personal ambition but by an ambitious agenda for our nation. Ed will be a leader who will challenge us - individually and collectively - not to have more but to be more and he is someone who is capable of inspiring trust and confidence across the political spectrum.

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