Sunday, May 09, 2010

If Clegg sides with Cameron he will turn the Lib Dems into political eunuchs

Anyone who espouses the politics of fairness, equity and progress should read Will Hutton's excellent piece in today's Observer. Hutton argues that:

'real power and it comes but once a generation. It is power to insist on a referendum on proportional representation. Power to break up the banking system and reconstruct British finance. Power to insist on civil liberties and repeal of the legislation on ID cards. Power to require that British newspapers are owned by EU, if not British, nationals who pay UK tax and conform to British competition policy. Clegg has been so roughed up by News International and the Telegraph that at the very least Mr Murdoch and the Barclays brothers should pay tax for the privilege. The Liberal Democrats can be political eunuchs or they can use the moment to effect the change that brought them into politics.'

Hutton is right. What is on offer from the Tories is a pale imitation of what a Lib-Lab coalition could achieve. This opportunity will not come again Nick - pick up the phone and talk to Gordon.


Julian said...

Let me understand this. You're saying keep Labour in power so we can get rid of ID cards and improve civil liberties. Did I miss something? I thought Labour was the cause of the recent assault on civil liberties. I thought Labour wanted ID cards. Silly me.

Anonymous said...

Very droll, Julian. The game has changed. I didn't much care for the idea of ID cards - an expensive waste of time - but it didn't/couldn't persuade me to to vote Tory.

I reckon Gordon Brown would cede legislation on the electoral system - he's already done so - and abandon ID cards if it meant getting Lib Dem support, which would all be to the good.

A Tory/Lib Dem alliance is an absurd idea. The Tories are what the are, and no-one with any principles can afford to deal with them.