Monday, February 01, 2010

Tories would strangle economic recovery - Mandelson

Cameron and Osborne are the 'Laurel and Hardy' of British politics. So says the noble Lord Mandelson as the Tory party economic policy begins to unravel!


Robert said...

The new leader of labour or sorry new labour speaks.

Man in a Shed said...

Mike - the economy is already strangled by the structural deficit.

We are at risk of disaster. The Ghosts that should worry us are Japan and Greece (and Argentina from years gone by) - what should encourage us is the brave moves made by the Irish, which are bearing fruit and not strangling the recovery, but guaranteeing it.

What's sad here is that many public sector employees would very much like to get a chance at improving government services and making them more efficient and allowing less resources to be diverted from the growing economy.

But Gordon's always been "the Road block to reform".

The tragedy is everyone knows it - Labour included.

There's something wrong with our politics when its unable to reject a man who would have been sacked years ago in any private sector organisation and quite a few public sector ones also.