Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Robin Hood is good

Today I signed up to the new campaign for a 'Robin Hood Tax.' The Robin Hood Tax is a tiny tax on bankers that would raise billions to tackle poverty and climate change, at home and abroad. By taking an average of 0.05% from speculative banking transactions, hundreds of billions of pounds would be raised every year. That’s easily enough to stop cuts in crucial public services in the UK, and to help fight global poverty and climate change. Because of the financial crisis, frontline services at home – like the NHS and our schools – are under fire. At the same time, poor communities and the environment are being hit hard – as aid and green budgets are slashed by rich countries.

So it’s time for the people who caused this mess to pay to clean it up. This isn’t some crazy pipedream. It’s a simple and brilliant idea which transcends party politics and which – with your support – can become a reality. If you are interested then click on the link below, watch the quick video featuring Bill Nighy and then enter your details (name and email) and show your support. To show your support for the Robin Hood tax simply click here.

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