Saturday, November 21, 2009

If Oprah is calling time then how about...

Yesterday Oprah Winfrey looked into the camera and told the millions of her loyal viewers what they already knew: She will be ending her talk show in September 2011, after 25 years on the air. I think she is making the right decision and tactically it makes sense to signal your departure early and leave people with a warm glow of appreciation and respect. Reflecting on Oprah's decision I could not help but think about whether some of the UK's most popular TV shows would be sensible to do an 'Oprah' and call time before it is called for them. For example:-

X Factor - how many more series before the public tires of the format, let alone Simon and Louis? It goes without saying that we are unlikely to tire of Chery in the foreseeable future!

I'm a celebrity get me in here (or whatever it is called) - I never watch it and cannot believe ITV still run it.

Strictly come dancing - is it just me but hasn't it lost it's 'sparkle' already?

Those are my top 3 suggestions - other would be gratefully received.

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Dean Sanderson said...

no doubt Oprah's departure in 2011 will be a key event in the apocalypse scheduled for 2012