Tuesday, November 17, 2009

At our best when at our boldest

At our best when at our boldest!

The clip below was played to this year's Labour conference prior to Gordon Brown's speech and will be Labour party political broadcast after Wednesday's Queen's speech.

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Ted said...

Greet, but it is often the little things that make a difference.
What idiot (and do mean idiot) thinks putting a particular football team on there (regardless of the team) is a good idea? I tell you - one who knows nothing about the way a huge amount of people think. They would get to that bit then immediately switch off and forget the previous 2 minutes of good. Why is it we do not see such overt use of football teams on TV advertising? because it is known to switch people off.

Way to go, central office. Idiots. Idiots. Idiots. Ruin what should have been a great PPB.