Saturday, July 18, 2009


stuartbrucepr said...

Great post Mike, I agree with every bit of it. Including you're probably being too timid. I'd add:

1) Make it during school holidays. Both me and my wife (and many of our friends) fall into the 'fanatic' camp and go every year. When our daughter reaches school age we have a big problem as only one of us will be able to go.

2) Promote the fringe events outside the secure area more heavily and have more of them, in order to let more members attend without having to buy the expensive passes.

Mike Ion said...

Stuart - like the idea about the fringe. Often the most enjoyable, informative and stimulating meetings happen on the fringe of conference and the more we publicise these the better.

Mark said...

Agree with the above plus we should be able to be able to canvass more views, votes to input into Conference from ordinary members using social media.

I'm not talking about big policy votes but actually taking the temperature from ordinary members about what they think, what they think is important. At the moment the debate (including all the fringe events) is framed around the views of a handful of people.

Lets have some way of showing what x% of Party members think as opposed to the views of Will Hutton, Anthony Giddens, Steve Richards, David Lammy, Jon Cruddas etc etc etc