Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Griffin is 'egged' - a good day for democracy

Nick Griffin and his 'security' are terribly sensitive aren't they? A few eggs and a bit of jeering from the crowd and he is off - only to then give various TV interviews and bleat on about how those horrible UAF people kept telling him they didn't like him. Get used to it Nick - my guess is that it will happen more frequently now that you are an MEP. In fact, I might start carrying a few eggs myself, just in case.

If you are in any doubt what a complete arse Mr Griffin is take a look at this:


Alex C said...


Would it have been a good day for democracy if Gordon Brown was egged? Quite a few people don't like him either.

That's not really my point. Nick Griffin is a complete arse but so are the people that would rather resort to stupid student politics of violence and 'no platforming' than allow the BNP to talk themselves into a hole.

You've included a link in your post to a video of the stupidity that comes out of Griffin's mouth. Let him speak, let him put people off, and move on.

Mike Ion said...


Where was the violence? He was shouted down and then a few people threw eggs. He can and should be allowed to talk whenever and wherever he wants but when he chooses a public venue we must also allow people the right to demonstrate against him.