Sunday, May 17, 2009

What Gordon and Labour's NEC need to do next

The polls were already fairly dire for Labour before the expense saga started - the latest polls point towards a possible meltdown unless radical and swift action is taken by both Gordon Brown and the NEC. Public perception cannot be ignored and unless it is careful the Labour party could end up having to fight seats at the next general election against Martin Bell type candidates who will be ready to exploit public anger and dismay to devastating effect.

If we are to regain some lost ground and help restore trust and confidence in the system we (Labour) need to:

1. Make it clear that it will de-select any sitting MP who, as a result of her/his abuse of their parliamentary expenses or allowance, has brought the Labour party into disrepute.

2. Insist that all Labour MPs hold public meetings in their constituencies in the next few weeks in order to seek the views of their constituents as to what should be done next.

3. Insist that no Labour MP will be allowed to 'flip' her/his second home allowance between now and the start of the next general election (or until a new system is in place).

4. Require all Labour MPs, MEPs, Peers and Councillors to publish their latest expense claims on the web with immediate effect.

5. Require all sitting Labour MPs to commit to surrendering any profit made from the sale of a second home that was funded by the ACA back to the tax payer.

What do you think?


Chris Gale said...


I find it disturbing that deeply right wing elements via the Telegraph are effectively staging a coup by media in this country.
It is clear that the passing of this private data has been instigated by deeply right wing elements on both sides of the Atlantic. This is designed to destabilise the political system to such an extent that the right, be it Tory, UKIP or BNP are the beneficiaries.
It is a total disgrace that the Telegraph not only has this stolen private data but is now holding the entire political system to ransom over it.
We are witnessing the modern day equivalent of the right wing plot to overthrow Harold Wilson by ultra right wing elements from the top of the establishment and leading industrialists.

bobob North shrops said...

What gets me is that the coverage is so biased.

OK the whole expenses situation is a disgrace and there is no excuse for blatantly milking the system.

However, it is only the less sophisticated exploitation of the system which has been exposed. For example it has been alleged that David Cameron only took out a partial mortgage on his second home to get the interest paid – remember he is independently wealthy and either inherited his money or married into it (he certainly didn’t earn it). It has also been alleged that the Winterton’s (MPs for Maca and Congleton) have REALLY milked the system. Not only did they both use there allowance to buy their London flat but after it had been paid off using taxpayers money they then set up a trust so that it could be passed on to their children without paying inheritance tax! On top of that and to really take the Mickey they then used their allowances to pay rent for the flat to the trust thus giving the trust an income. SO HOW MANY TIMES HAVE THE PUBLIC PAID FOR THAT FLAT????

Robert said...

But it has worked and the party which now looks like it has a real leader is the Tories like it or not while Brown blunders on Cameron looks decisive