Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Should future Labour PPCs commit to an ethics pledge?

How are we going to restore trust and confidence in 'the system' after the events of the past few days? The news that any Labour MP who broke expenses rules will not be allowed to stand at the next election is a positive first step but what else can be done?

One idea is for Labour PPCs to pledge to stick by an ethical and operational code of conduct which he/she would then be compelled to self-evaluate against at least yearly and before local people are given the opportunity to scrutinise his/her actions via an annual constituency meeting where the MP would report back on his/her work.

For example Labour PPCs might commit to:

Monthly on-line publication of all expenses and allowance claims.
No paid or unpaid employment outside of their full-time position of being an MP.
Holding monthly surgeries (I am still amazed that some do not).

What else might we add? I think it best that we do not have too many and that they are reasonable and 'doable.'

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