Saturday, February 21, 2009

The BNP are on the march and we need to stop them

Thursday saw the BNP gain a traditional Labour seat in Sevenoaks and today we find out that Evertion have had to move their home game against Stoke City by 24 hours to accommodate a mass rally that the BNP is organising in Liverpool city centre.

It is sobering to remember that, in years (pre-recession years), the BNP has continued to gain seats in east London and Stoke-on-Trent and picked up enough elsewhere to hold close to 50 council seats in England. This follows 2002's dramatic local election successes in the north of England and a 4.9% showing in the 2004 European elections. For the first time ever in Britain, an openly racist party has sustained the support of more than one in 20 voters over several contests. I believe the deepening of support for the BNP is evidence of a new challenge in British politics. In the past the battleground (sometimes literally) of left v right politics centred on our inner cities. This is no longer the case.The BNP has begun to develop a network of suburban supporters, people who are openly willing to admit not only to supporting a racist and bigoted political party but to doing so with pride and patriotic fervour. If the trends of the past few years continue, the BNP may well make the type of breakthrough that Jon Cruddas has signalled and it will then be far more difficult to reverse than to stop it before it occurs.


Anonymous said...

Aspire to have more,much more. Jacqui Smith.
You'll have more chance of stopping the tide coming in than stopping the BNP.

wonkotsane said...

I wonder if there would be so much objection to the BNP in the Labour ranks if it wasn't for the fact that the two are so ideologically similar and the BNP is a natural home for the many disaffected Labour members?

The Labour Party is openly racist - the institutional racism towards the English by the British Labour government would have had the Guardian baying for blood if it was directed at black or asian people. English people are denied equal rights and access to democracy by the British for no reason other than the fact they're English. That's racism.

Robert said...

This from UKIP my god mate your lot are the BNP.

wonkotsane said...

No, this from me, not UKIP. UKIP has nothing to do with the BNP, where on earth do you get such a ridiculous idea from? How can a right wing libertarian party be a left wing fascist party? It's like saying UKIP and Labour are the same.