Thursday, August 28, 2008

Could things get better for Gordon? My top 3 suggestions for the autumn fight back

The successes of Team GB at the Beijing Olympics have ensured that Gordon's summer has been a good deal better than it might have been. If he can keep his nerve and if he is prepared to grasp a few nettles then the golden rays of summer may just shine through to the autumn and beyond.

Here are 3 popular and populist things that Gordon should, in my humble estimation, seriously consider implementing as part of an autumn fight back:

1. He should go back to the future and rediscover the radicalism that as Chancellor saw him slap a £5bn windfall tax on privatised utilities in 1997 to fund job schemes. Yes Gordon you really should introduce a windfall tax on the energy companies. Such a levy would demonstrate whose side we are on and draw some important red lines between ourselves and the Tories.

2. Announce a Royal Commission into the effects of academic selection on standards and social exclusion (similar to the one held in Northern Ireland - which recommending the ending of selection at age 11). This would force the Tories to defend existing selection and challenge Cameron's claim that the Tories are the true party of progress.

3. Follow the Welsh and put an end to hospital car park charges - believe me when I tell you that this would be very well received in many parts of the nation and would give a concrete example of how fairness needs to be at the centre of public policy.

So what do you think? Too simplistic? Too radical or not radical enough?


wonkotsane said...

1. If they don't have huge profits their investors will pull out, they'll have no working capital and the Russians will buy them for a fraction of their worth. They won't make much money so they won't pay much tax and they won't have any spare cash to pay Prudence Brown's punitive green taxes or meet the EU's requirements on alternative energy production.

2. If selection in schools didn't produce better education then it wouldn't happen. Why should clever students be deprived of a quality education because of a fatally flawed obsession with trying to make everyone equal? Some kids are clever, some kids are thick. Holding the clever ones back to make the thick ones feel better doesn't benefit anyone.

3. We can't afford to end hospital car parking charges in England because we're subsidising free hospital car parking and prescriptions in Wales.

There's no point in El Gordo staging a fightback in the autumn for two reasons:

1. Liebour can't afford it
2. He's about as popular as cancer and stands about as much chance as a ghosts fart in a force 10 gale of getting re-elected. We've had over a decade of economic mismanagement, social engineering and neo-facism from Liebour and we've had enough. Even the Scots have given up voting for Liebour, you're f**ked!

mutleythedog said...

Make the useless Tax credits system actually work as its supposed to and take personal responsibility for solving the millions of cock ups as it was his idea..