Friday, May 23, 2008

So where do we go from here?

As predicted we have taken a severe kicking in Crewe, not just because of the 'toff' campaign attacks, not just because of the 10p tax fiasco and certainly not because the Tories and Cameron connect with voters but because the electorate was determined to give us a bloody nose. From the doorstep it was obvious that people were and are angry with us, disillusioned with our increasingly reactionary rhetoric and keen to send us and particularly Gordon Brown, a message.

As no doubt a plethora of posts and comments that will appear throughout the Labour blogosphere over the next day or so will indicate, the real challenge to the continuation of the pursuit of a progressive political agenda comes not from a resurgent Tory party but from the defeatists, pessimists and cynics that exist within our own movement. If Labour is to secure an unprecedented fourth term then it must urgently set about renewing itself, its message and its organisation.

I am not ashamed to be in the Labour party and I am proud of what we have achieved since 1997 but I am also acutely aware that we cannot constantly keep talking about these achievement. Looking to the past has much to recommend it, living in the past nothing at all.


Man in a Shed said...

Perhaps part of the problem is that your looking to secure a 4th term, rather than to *do* anything ?

I'm right of centre, so perhaps you'd expect me to be hostile, but I couldn't tell you what New Labour stands for or what it has achieved ( apart from spending[not investing] money on the state sector with declining productivity and raising taxes ).

It seems like an enterprise who's means of success were to control the media agenda and dictate a narrative to a willing client media. ( Since many people involved in the BBC / media are left of centre this has been too easy to do ).

Just look at Gordon Brown's so called 'draft Queens speech' - an idea that is itself more spin - much of the ideas are stolen from the Conservatives. He has no idea of what to do.

Your problem is the divergence between Labour's narrative and reality is so wide that people are noticing. And since Labour has just been about winning and holding power - you have no idea what to do about it.

Elsewhere I've tried to argue that the best thing for Labour would be to have a general election - lose - get yourselves straightened out ( and you get a Conservative government having to sort out the current economic crisis) and your back in power 2 years faster. Why wait 2 years when you have no idea what to do except make things worse?

OK perhaps I'm being too provocative - but really what's the point of clinging to office for two more years ?

Praguetory said...

Glad you can comfort yourself with the idea that all your wounds were self-inflicted. Reality is not a friend of yours?