Friday, May 30, 2008

It's over Hilary and everyone knows it except you

I will make a bold prediction - Hilary Clinton is not going to be the Democratic nominee for President. If Hillary wants a dignified and graceful exit from the race to be the Democrat’s presidential nominee she should announce her decision to quit in the next few days and then formally endorse Barack Obama.

The truth that almost everyone (except, it would appear, Hilary herself) recognises is that she simply cannot win the nomination, even if it were to come down to a bloody battle at the convention — after which history and many Democrats would cast her as a villain. If Mrs Clinton were to withdraw then she and her party would be spared the undignified spectacle of former President Jimmy Carter and former Vice-President Al Gore, having to go 'invite' her to step down.

So the choice that confronts the former first Lady is to either stick it out to the end of the summer - and risk serious humiliation at the convention - or to pull out in the next few days with dignity and class, therefore giving herself a shot at redemption.


Andrew Allison said...

She has been beaten fair and square, however, what she is doing now shows a psychological flaw. It's as if she regards herself as some sort of Messiah. I, of course, am hoping for a McCain victory, so from a Republican point of view she can continue fighting for as long as she likes.

Mike Ion said...

Andrew - why do you say that 'of course' you are hoping for a McCain victory? I would have thought many Tories would welcome a victory for Obama and for the re-engagement of the US in world affairs?