Monday, May 12, 2008

If Labour hold Crewe, the economy holds up and Gordon 'softens up'...

Some of my fellow Labour bloggers, party activists and members have short memories. Less than 12 months ago the Tories were disintegrating over academic selection and Labour was 14% ahead in the polls. The next election is not due for another 24 months, the economy is probably over the worst and Gordon Brown - though he admits that he has made mistakes - is not stupid.

If Labour hold Crewe, the economy remains reasonably stable and if Gordon loses the PR men and allows himself to be, well Gordon, then things just might begin to change. Cameron is 'likeable' but not really liked or trusted (particularly by his own party) and he is happy to come across as a leader who is all style but no substance. Once the Tory lead in the polls starts to close in Labour's favour the press will turn on Cameron and the 'traditional' tendency in his own party will start to make rumblings about how he needs to move further to the right etc.

A week really is a long time in politics - two years is a lifetime.


Anonymous said...

And if none of the above happen?

Anonymous said...

Quite right, enough of this negativity.