Monday, May 12, 2008

Crewe by-election and the 'Tory Toff' campaign

Above is one of the leaflets being used by Labour in the Crewe by-election. Personally I think it is OK and let me tell you why...

David Cameron’s Tory party (and particularly his parliamentary party) is increasingly becoming populated by the ‘right kind of people’, his people – ex-public school and from a background of immense wealth and privilege. Under Cameron the Tories still believe that the role of government is to concentrate wealth and power in the hands of their friends and backers - i.e. those who embrace their political, their economic, and their social views.


Anonymous said...

"Under Cameron the Tories still believe that the role of government is to concentrate wealth and power in the hands of their friends and backers"

See, now this is where you'll get pulled up - big fat whoppers like that. If you had any sense of history you would understand the patrician One Nation Tory tradition that has absolutely nothing to do with your lurid caricature of "toffs" greedily stealing all the money. In fact you realise that caricature is offensive drivel.

But then I suppose you fit the Tom Watson mould of a lazy middle-class MP, who wouldn't recognise a council estate if it smacked him in the face, dribbling on about "The Torrreeeez! The evil Torreeeez! Mrs Thatcher, Mrs Thatcher!"

And for this arrogance and complete failure to understand or address the needs of ordinary people, you will eventually reap the reward.

So enjoy yourself for now with the "Tory Boy" jibes and the photoshopped photos with the top hat and the silly kids outside the Tory HQ wearing tails. I guess Edward Timpson will have to get on with knocking on Crewe doors talking about the 10p tax rate, which seems to have more traction on the doorstep than puerilities.

Anonymous said...

I knew you would like it.

Mike Ion said...

Your own ConservativeHome editor has expressed concerns in the past about the Tory frontbench.

For many of the Eton educated Tory 'toffs' who surround Cameron politics is a bit of hobby, something to do in conjunction with few non-executive directorships. It would appear Mr Timpson fits this bill exactly.

PS - why not post under your real name and not as an anonymous poster? Or are you still too ashamed to be known as a Tory?

Alex Cross said...

Are the Eton educated Labour 'toffs' (Lord Sainsbury and the ilk) more acceptable? Frankly I'd rather see a competent MP than a perfect specimen of the class of voter that is being targeted.

Silent Hunter said...

Labour are TOAST at the next election and this reprehensible leaflet says it loud and clear.

No more Labour Sleaze & Corruption.

Man in a Shed said...

If the Conservatives released a not like that you'd condemn the second from last item as racist. It rather suggests your more worried about the BNP eating your vote.

On your justification - I'm part of the way through "The rise of the political class" and I think you'll find the problem is more wide spread and specifically based in the Labour party.

I wonder what has stopped the Labour government reacting effectively to the credit crisis and problems with the bands ? After all you have such good relations with the financial sector who have done very well out of the last 10 years ( manufacturing unfortunately hasn't done so well ). You may need to look a little closer to home.

However I think the point about the groups from which our politicians are being generate from is a valid one, although it applies across all parties and the media also.

Some of these issue matter much more than who wins the next bye-election.