Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The BNP and the Telegraph

The British National party's London Assembly member, Richard Barnbrook, has used a blog on the Telegraph website to blame immigrants and for knife and gun crime in London.

Under the headline "Blame the immigrants", Barnbrook says immigrants "will not be allowed to terrorise our kids any longer".

"I have had enough of political correctness," he writes. "I have had enough of people being afraid to actually say what they really want to say. Yes ... it is the immigrants." He continues: "The real crime is on the streets, and it is the young people who are being attacked every day now by knives and guns. Most of it is being done by immigrants or by the sons of immigrants who have been protected by a despicable government desperate for the Ethnic Block-Vote."

I thought the Telegraph were honour bound to moderate the postings and comments on its blog - for libel, defamation, incitement or the use of "inappropriate language" in the form of personal abuse or racist, sexist or homophobic remarks.

Perhaps they will see sense and take it down later on today - I'll keep you posted.

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