Saturday, April 12, 2008

Profit or Principle? The BNP and Archant Newspapers

This is an interesting but rather disappointing tale about how Archant, the nation's largest independently-owned regional media business, is justifying its decision to run adverts for the BNP in the run up to the May 1st local and London Mayoral elections.

Why has the Archant group agreed to run adverts promoting the BNP in its papers? Is it about principle or profit? Is the Archant Group keen to promote community relations or is it more concerned with boosting it's profit margins?

Why not email the Chief Executive of Archant, John Fry and ask him. His email address is:


Anonymous said...

The BNP are a legitimate Party,you people in Liebour really are desperate to stop democracy,thats how it looks to me,that or just pure desperate.

Mike Ion said...

The BNP is a registered political party but as to being legitimate? As far as democracy is concerned I am simply pointing out that Archant newspaper group can exercise choice - my advice would be to steer clear of anything to do with the BNP.

Anonymous said...

The organisation “Operation Black Vote” is currently running a particularly nasty and disgusting campaign against British National Party members and candidates in London - it identifies the BNP and its members as ”the Enemy” on its website. The launch of its campaign, on the 8th April, was attended by Ken Livingstone, Boris “I’m proud of my Muslim roots” Johnson, Brian Piddick and Sian Berry.

Operation Black Vote appears to have received considerable funding from Government agencies as follows:-

The Home Office - undisclosed amount, reported in press release, 16th March 2006.

The London Councils - £82,500 approved for the period 2004-2007.

The London Government - £33,000 grant recommended for 2006-2007.

In addition, the following statutory authority has given grants to Operation Black Vote:

The Electoral Commission - awarded Operation Black Vote the total of £196,596 over two years.

On its website, Operation Black Vote promotes the registered ‘third party’ virulently anti-BNP hate group, the UAF - as an “excellent” source. The chairman of the UAF is Ken Livingstone - the Labour Party candidate in the London Mayoral elections.

So there we have it - an organisation (Operation Black Vote), endorsed by a Government providing public (taxpayer) money to help finance its activities, actively involved in disseminating especially sickening material against the British National Party in the London elections.

Perhaps it’s time for a call for public funding of an “Operation White Vote”? Or would that be deemed as “racist"? Is this how public money should be spent?

Mike Ion said...

Are you suggesting that encouraging Black people to vote - and particularly vote against ultra-right wing parties like the BNP is a bad thing? Operation Black vote does not encourage people to vote for one party but it does encourage people to think about the issues that confront them in their daily lives - like racism and prejudice.

PS - I do not try and hide my identity so why do you hide yours?

Anonymous said...

Anti-white racism and prejudice from the Labour Party,think about that.To late the BNP took your job.The BNP didn't need airtime or platform they just needed Liebour. Ex-Labour voter.1 of many.

wonkotsane said...

Mike, the BNP are not ultra-right wing. They aren't, in fact, right wing at all. The BNP are further left than Liebour - read their manifesto (it won't burn your eyes, I promise) which has reference to bringing media under closer state control and re-nationalisation of industry. Those are left wing socialist policies. Just like the Nazi's, in fact, who Liebour also call "right wing" to try and associate right wing parties like the Tories and UKIP with the Nazi's.

I personally can't stand the BNP but I'd rather newspapers carried their adverts than Liebour's. The only financial problems the BNP seem to have is when facist Liebour supporters conduct hate campaigns against English banks that provide the BNP with services as opposed to Liebour which is £30m in debt, insolvent, morally bankrupt and lurches from one exposé of fraud and corruption to another.

Liebour's only problem with the BNP is that they lose so many votes to them.

Cllr Chris said...

I'm a printer (as well as being a local Independent Councillor) and am quite happy to print stuff for the BNP - just like I do for other political parties. In fact in one recent by-election I was so perturbed by a smear leaflet put out by the Anti-Fascist Alliance (headed Ken Livingstone and supported by David Cameron - now there's NO surprise!!) that I put out my own leaflet debunking their very vicious smears, malicious innuendo and plain wrong statements. I defended the right of the BNP to exist as a political party (you can find copies of the leaflets and all about it on my website). Why should all these taxpayer-funded groups be allowed to abuse, threaten and otherwise intimidate BNP supporters (and anybody who has anything to do with BNP supporters) ? Don't you find that is the real fascism in this debate?