Wednesday, March 05, 2008

We do not need a referendum

The call for a referendum on the new EU treaty really does get some people extremely animated. I don't think that it is all that difficult to put forward a cogent argument as to why Britain does NOT need to hold a referendum on the proposed new EU treaty. Here goes:

1. The reform treaty's most significant innovations - for example reducing the role of the rotating presidency and the merger posts of EU High Representative and the Commissioner for external relations - are sensible pieces of 'housekeeping.'
2. Compared to earlier EU treaties, such as the Single European Act and the Maastricht treaty, the new reform treaty does not shift significant powers from the member states to the EU itself.
3. The form of the new document - an amending treaty - is different from its predecessor, which consolidated all previous treaties into one text, with constitutional trappings.
4. The UK government has negotiated special provisions that include de facto opt-outs from important provisions on justice and home affairs, social policy and the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

What is clear beyond any doubt is that if for some strange reason Brown did grant a referendum, he would look hopelessly weak for giving into a tabloid frenzy and the government would almost certainly lose it. This would have the effect of bolstering the Tories even further and would, in effect, mean that the new EU treaty would become the longest suicide note in history - much longer than the Labour manifesto of 1983!

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How do you do…

Fancy been caricatured and criticised mercilessly?
Love those benches they got?
Never made a good decision in your life?
Get yourself a suit, cos your going to Westminster

Hello Mrs?

As politicians you’ll spend ages trudging round housing estates getting consistently; laughed at, pelted with and shouted down while campaigning for your party, in fairness, yourself. Take in a long-suffering breath to relentlessly talk to demographics that don’t vote or like you or your party or anything you have or ever will have to say. And now they kinda think that you think that they smell because you’re holding your breath and turning a funny colour of puce.

There is also another type of politician. These pay money to influential people offering their skills as liars to get people into power like Meet and Leek Campbell and Randy Mandelson. If you’re that minted you can buy power It doesn’t matter which party you plum for. So Jehovahs witness or Jehovahs' card card details?


Everyone’s got a shtick. If you want to be all working class and appeal to the fifty kid mothers of those scall’s who tag n key your car, then get that batter patter down. Talk in some rastastani way, innit. Set up a dealership at your party HQ. Comment on everything other politicians say in the papers with ‘Bwoy that’s proper rank yeah, weeez beat your pale ass down, jenga-ed.’

If your background is more middle class, ask quite ridiculous questions, ride a Sinclair C5, have stupid hair, say misguided things about immigrants and people from northern industrial towns. Get photographed a bit pissed or doing your secretary so they think you have some spunk.


Forget individual style you must now till your death appear to be selling Central heating at all times. OOooow he’s so shiny. Well, greased.


Kissing babies is very important and if you’re a paedophile, very rewarding. The practicality is that hopefully the babies you kiss on the way up will be the carers that nurse you on the way down. So slip em the tongue or they’ll slip you an extra large suppository.


After buying voters off with your unimaginable amount of unbelievable and undoable policies you get voted in. Only just in front of the BNP party who in fairness you copied half your manifesto from. With that racist seat and some furrowed brow questioning in parliament people start to take notice, think that you must be some sort of latter-day Enoch Powel with balls bigger than Stephan Hawkins.

After been sat in the seat for what seems to be eternity you ponder just what the hell’s anyone actually is doing here. Resorting to paraphrasing Terry Wogan’s euro vision commentary whenever the E.U. is mentioned. You eventually even stop that, get bitter and find the most abusive way you can attack fellow members of the opposition baring in mind that you have to call them ‘the right honourable gentleman’ before every thusly contradictory statement. The now stagnant party likes your absurd idiocy and when the current prime minister suddenly unquestioningly dies, they put you forward for leader.

And holy moley you win.

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