Sunday, February 24, 2008

Portillo: Labour will win next election

Michael Portillo's piece in today's Sunday Times will be uncomfortable reading over at CCHQ. Portillo argues that 'despite Northern Rock, Brown looks likely to be prime minister after the next election. That might be no bad thing for the Tories, if they can only have patience. If Cameron served two terms as leader of the opposition he would have time to think not just about how to win an election, but also about how to be prime minister, something which in the past few have managed. '

I have posted on this issue several times before - the Tories should be doing much better, they know it and it will not be too long before some restless and impatient party members start muttering about Cameron's leadership and lack of direction and conviction.

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Methodist Preacher said...

The Tories started muttering last July and only the impending General Election and difficulties with Northern Rock prevented them getting rid of Cameron then. If they don't improve in the polls very soon we should expect another blood bath.