Monday, February 18, 2008

Tory MEP - we are still the nasty party

In a piece for the FT Tory MEP Caroline Jackson writes:

"In the shade of the blue-green tree (the party’s emblem), a very nasty patch of poisonous fungus lingers on: it is Europe..."

Later in the piece she states:

"Conservatives are getting a reputation for bad manners towards their continental allies. Recently, Daniel Hannan, a Conservative MEP, likened the European Parliament’s German Christian Democrat president to Adolf Hitler after he invoked procedural powers to avoid disruption by those – led by Mr Hannan – who want a referendum. The comparison caused great offence. Mr Cameron has taken no action to discipline or disown him: this will be noted on the continent to his discredit. Nor does it help that in the Council of Europe, Conservative MPs sit in a politically mixed group, chaired by a Russian MP from Vladimir Putin’s party. What on earth do the Conservatives think they are doing there?"

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