Friday, February 22, 2008

The BNP and the dodgy internet bank

After placing a peg on your nose you can - if you have a strong stomach and plenty of moral resolve - bring yourself to read some of the BNP's literature. Apart from the bigotry, the constant use of the words proud, English and threat you will often see reference to 'Freedom Promotions.' It would appear that Freedom Promotions is a front for the financial arm of the BNP - when ordering leaflets etc BNP members make their cheques payable to Freedom Promotions.

If you visit the website of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) you will find a list of unauthorised internet banks - one of which is an organisation called... you guessed it, Freedom Promotions.

Is the BNP running an unauthorised internet bank?

Why not ring the FSA and ask them - their number is 020 7066 1000

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