Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tory arrogance and hubris is good for Labour

Apparently Mr Cameron has been spending time over the Christmas and New Year break preparing for government. The polls are already narrowing and the election date of 2010 is over two years away - it this kind of arrogance and hubris that will end up defeating the Tories (as much as their lack of policies and conviction).


Phil A said...

All Dave the Chameleon has to do is come up with the odd policy like getting rid of the tax on dying and keep his nose clean.

Gordon Broon will probably do all the rest for him…

Referendum on the EU contitutional treaty, no more mixed sex wards.. Right. I even believed them at the time - sucker!

Snafu said...

Don't forget an electoral system that gives the Conservatives a one seat majority if they poll 41% of the vote!