Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Clinton/Obama really could be the dream ticket

In the intriguing race for the Democratic nomination one thing that does appear to be fairly clear cut is that the eventual winner will be either Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama - I think it now highly unlikely that Edwards will break through and create a three way contest.

By late June or early July whoever is successful in claiming the nomination will have to select a running mate and it must be the case that a Clinton/Obama ticket would be as close to the 'dream team' as the Democrats are ever likely to get. A strong female candidate joined by a strong, young and charismatic black candidate - what hope for the Republicans in such a contest? My guess is that if Clinton wins then she may well invite Obama to join her but if Obama wins it is highly unlikely that Hilary would be at all interested in the VP position.

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Colin Campbell said...

As you suggest, where would Bill fit in? Drinks waiter?

Anyone but Hillary I say.