Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tory exploitation of good causes?

Lets get to what appear to be the facts in this case.

1. Caroline Nokes, Tory PPC for Romsey and Southampton North puts out a survey (aimed at women voters in Romsey) which incorporates the logos of the Breast Cancer Care charity and the Conservative Party.

2. The survey has nothing to do with breast cancer whatsoever.

This is not good - actions like this are what get politicians and politics in general a bad name. I hope that Caroline Nokes has the good grace to apologise and that David Cameron has the the sense to ask her to stand down as a PPC.

The good news is that Recess Monkey is reporting that Breast Cancer Care has contacted Caroline Nokes to say that they will not accept her charitable donations, and have pointed out that next year Ms Nokes "would be in breach of Charity Law if she had put out her leaflet in the new year as it is expected that promises of donations of unspecified amounts are to be made illegal in the new year under the Charities Act."

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