Sunday, December 30, 2007

Labour PPC for Wrekin to stand down

Labour's Alison Wedgwood has announced today (December 27th) that she will be standing down as Labour's candidate for the Wrekin Constituency with immediate effect.

Alison said:
"It is with regret that I have decided to stand down as Labour's parliamentary candidate for The Wrekin. Many of you will know that I have 3 young children. My husband’s work has recently taken him abroad a lot more than we expected and this combined with the birth of my third child, Zak, earlier this year has made it difficult for me to give the time that is necessary to win this seat for Labour. Spending time with my family over the Christmas period has made it clear to me that my priority in the short term must be with my family.

"The Wrekin was lost by only 942 votes at the last General Election and it can be won again at the next election. But it needs someone who has more time to commit than I currently have.
"I will continue to be an active volunteer in the Labour Party and will give my full support to my successor."

Constituency Chairman and Leader of the Labour Group in Telford and the Wrekin, Keith Austin said:

"I spoke to Alison this morning (Thursday 27 December). We are sad to lose her but we know she has had less time to spend on the campaign trail than she would like. Alison is the kind of person who wants to give 100% at all times. Since the birth of her 3rd child she has been unable to do that.

"The constituency Labour Party will select a new candidate in the early part of next year but we will continue campaigning hard for people here in the meantime."

This is a real pity - I live in the Wrekin constituency and really like Alison but understand her reasons completely.

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