Sunday, December 09, 2007

'Ed Balls for Leader' - what utter boll**ks

I have a good deal of respect (or perhaps I should now state 'did have') for John Rentoul but his piece in today's IoS is just silly.

Why? For three main reasons:

1. He begins his article by referring to Tom Watson's alleged 'role' the so called coup against Blair in September 2006 but then goes onto makes it clear that Tom is not involved in any way at all - indeed Tom has posted about the phone call he received from Rentoul yesterday.

2. He provides NO concrete evidence of a 'plot' to get rid of Brown and replace him with Ed Balls - no one goes on the record (officially or unofficially), there are no letters or misplaced emails etc etc.

3. Ed Balls the next Leader of the Labour party? I just don't see it.

So in summary, it is a non-story that is simply fuelled by journalist innuendo and lazy reporting. Come on John, your better than this - aren't you?

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