Sunday, November 04, 2007

Tory candidate for Halesowen

The Tory candidate for Halesowen and Rowley Regis has made some rather foolish remarks about Enoch Powell being right about immigration. Does this make him a racist? No. Does it make him look like an idiot? Yes.

Update: Oh dear, there was me being more all magnanimous and fair and then I discover this (scroll down to the final comment). Why, why, oh why Mr Hastilow did you publish that comment. Why did you not add your own comment condemning the poster?

I rarely call for people to resign but I do think that anyone who either explicitly or implicitly gives credence to such views is unfit to hold, let alone aspire to, public office. Do the decent thing Mr Hastilow and resign.

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King Tutanhigham said...

He did resign, Mike. I think he was wrong to as his party organization was behind him and he was reflecting the views of his constituents. Is he not meant to represent these views?

As you rightly say - it wasn't racist to say there is too much uncontrolled immigration. Immigration - OK. But not uncontrolled.