Sunday, November 11, 2007

Iain Dale 4 Maidstone?

Iain Dale is probably going to seek selection as the Tory PPC for Maidstone. I say 'probably' because Iain - as Tom Watson has pointed out - has been remarkably reticent about his plans. If Iain is going to put his name forward for the vacancy I will be fascinated to see how (if?) he will campaign using the Internet? As one of Britain's most prolific bloggers will Iain be exploiting the latest technology to the full? For example should we expect to see:

  • A Dale4Maidstone Facebook Group?
  • A Dale4Maidstone blog?
  • Dale4Maidstone adverts on 18 Doughty Street (I have no idea whether it takes adverts) or on Message Space?
  • Dale4Maidstone TV?

Or will Iain adopt a more 'traditional' approach based on leaflets and door knocking? It should be interesting to observe, after all Iain has a real opportunity to show just how much the Internet really has changed modern political campaigning.


mutleythedog said...

I think you are being sarky... *sniggers*

Sir James Badger said...

Interesting indeed. Yes - that will be of great interest to see.

Iain Dale said...

Mike, so, perhaps you will be open about your own plans, which I haven't been able to find on your blog. I have declared today that I am a candidate for PPC in Maidstone. Which constituency do you fancy then? Go on, tell us. I've shown you mine, you shows us yours.

Mike Ion said...

Iain - first of all, good luck. I think it unlikely that labour will 'capture' Maidstone next time around so if there has to be a Tory MP I can think of worse possible candidates!

My post - despite what you may think - was genuine. Will you be 'exploiting' the web etc during your campaign to get selected? Has any UK candidate used it to great effect? Does it matter?

As for me? I am a humble, 'bog standard' member of the party who has supported all women short-lists right from the very start. If a local constituency were to become available, and if it were to be an open selection, then I would consider putting my name forward. To date none have come up but you never know...

Once again, the very best of luck.