Saturday, November 03, 2007

28, 56 or 90?

There is speculation that Gordon Brown will use next week's Queen's Speech as a means to attack David Cameron for being weak on national security.

Two years ago Tony Blair experienced his first Commons defeat on the issue of the 28 vs 90 day detention limit. A healthy majority of 66 was turned into a 31-vote defeat on the key vote on the terrorism bill. The then prime minister simply could not convince enough MPs to back an increased limit of 90 days on the detention of terrorism suspects without charge, even with the vocal support of the chief constables.

It appears that the battle may well be fought again as Gordon Brown apparently is backing calls for longer detention for terror suspects and the Home Office is apparently preparing fresh anti-terror measures to be unveiled in this year's Queen's Speech - with speculation that it may well include an attempt to double the present 28 day limit to 56 days.

If true is Brown engaging in serious politics or clever tactics?

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