Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Was Geoff Hoon right to attend meeting organised by BNP councillor?

Last Friday Sadie Graham, a local BNP councillor in Nottinghamshire organised a meeting to discuss crime and policing.The meeting was attended by local Labour MP for Ashfield, Geoff Hoon. According to the BNP website (the BNP are making a big thing of Geoff Hoon's attendance) the meeting was 'very lively and well received'. Indeed it states that 'Sadie was very surprised and thankful to Mr. Hoon for attending the meeting'.

What do you think?

Should a Labour MP ever accept an invitation to a meeting organised by a BNP councillor? Has your MP ever done so? Did Geoff know who had organised the meeting? Does it matter?


Weird Aunt Martha said...

He shouldn't have touched it with a bargepole. It was stupid, it broke No Platform, and I'll bet that most of those at this "public meeting" were BNP pretending to be local Joes.

The knuckledraggers are hyping this. Sadie Graham tells BNP deputy chief Simon Darby in a publicly available "interview" that Hoon knew who she was and who she represented, but still accepted the invite and aproached Graham to shake her hand.

Nobody should be fooled by Graham just because she's a woman. She's a smooth operator and her BNP job is to set up new branches of the party. Everything she does is intended to win support for the BNP.

And there was Hoon giving her all the help she needed.


Anonymous said...

Mike, word on the electronic ether is that our Sadie of the broad of beam resigned from the BNP in the middle of last week. word from the inside is that she jumped before she was pushed.

This could be seen as confirmed because for the last few months Sadie has been attending Assembly meetings at Barking & Dagenham making sure that Dicky Barnbrook got his words right, last week Sadie failed to show.

Perhaps Geoff Hoon had insider information.

Anonymous said...

Sadie Graham has not resigned from the BNP. She was disciplined by Nick Griffin, during one of his growing number of paranoid moments, over something she had done that was in fact following his orders, but Griffin backed down. He has got rid of a lot of people recently but he knows that he cannot do without people like her.

If you listen to her interview with Simon Darby, she makes it clear that there is nothing she likes better than being the BNP's Director of Group Development.

Hoon should have known better. Sadie Graham was well surprised that he showed up. He could have adopted a principled position of being happy to meet residents to discuss their concerns but not on her terms.

Matt Wardman said...

Don't hold any brief for Mr Hoon, but I wonder if he was "gotcha"d - the recent BNP Coventry meeting involved deception of the venue as to who was behind it.

I don't think that Ms Graham's patch is even in his constituency (? - open to correction). It's in Broxtowe Council area not Ashfield.

He may be keen (?) because Labour just lost control of Ashfield, and didn't retake next door Mansfield.


Anonymous said...

in response to anon saying that Sadie Graham has NOT resigned, you really should catch up, its been known for over a week now that she jumped before she was pushed.

Chris Paul said...

No he shouldn't have gone. Whether she has resigned or not. This is why he is also known as Buff.

Anonymous said...

Lots of prominent BNP members have jumped before they were pushed recently but Sadie Graham is not one of them. Just because you read it on the internet doesn't mean it is any more than a false rumour.

Chris Paul said...

I'm pretty sure Sadie has resigned. A supposed interview with her at BNP Deputy site - about this meeting - is AWOL/broken link. Apart from the link Blogger picked up I have blogged this again here.

Anonymous said...

The interview with Sadie Graham, in which she says that she has not resigned and never would, is still there at