Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thoughts on a new manifesto: England, immigrants and the family

The Fabian Society has asked a few Labour MPs what they would propose to Ed Miliband for insertion into the party's next election manifesto. Here are the thoughts of Frank Field:

1. England - according to Field the next manifesto must have something to say on the so called 'English' question. He suggests that once again Labour must again lead the devolution debate – but for England this time (he warns that it would be very dangerous if the Tories were to be seen as the party of England).

2. Immigration - Field argues that we cannot survive with the present rate of change and calls on Labour to lead the debate on how to slow down the movement from Eastern into Western Europe.

3. Family - Labour must commit to eliminating from the benefit system the huge unintended discrimination against couple households. He says that the 'mega rise' in young single parents started after Thatcher's destruction of male manufacturing jobs. He suggests that young males in particular should be given serious training options instead of the all too mundane ones presently on offer.

What do you think? Is Frank right? Is this political cross-dressing gone mad? Could not each of these points just as likely appear in a Tory manifesto?

Or is the reality that Field is correct and that all three are political 'nettles' that will have to grasped sooner or later?


Phil A said...

If Labour want to survive in the long term, they need to reverse the deconstruction of the UK that they have embarked upon.

If Brown brings up the idea of Bills of rights and constitutions he needs to remember that an EU constitution, or treaty - or whatever other convenient fiction he wants to refer to it by, is more likely to impact on the UK and England than any constitution he may graciously hand down.

The sort imposed by politicians, of any stripe, are more often a charter to suppress the liberty of the citizen.

He also needs to remember that these things are more often forced on those who govern, by those they govern, as the price of continuing to be allowed to govern, than the other way round.

Think Magna Carta, Bill of Rights…

Yorkielass said...

La Resistance!


I, , a man of sound mind and body declare my intention to secede from the European Union and each and every institution to do with it!

I further declare that I will regard all laws made since our country’s accession in 1972 and the fact that Act in itself, was one of supreme deceit, including each and every treaty, instrument or law made before or since that time in relation to the European Union is therefore illegal and an act of war against myself, my people and my country!

The only Law I therefore recognise is the Statute and Common Law of England, Scotland and Wales, prior to 1972.

I am an Englishman and have no wish or desire to live under corrupt despotic foreign domination by the European Union or any British Government that has treasonously acted towards its own people, as these too I also regard as illegal and therefore Enemies of the People.

The vestiges of power therefore revert to the Monarch, Elisabeth II, Sovereign of the United Kingdom, Governor of the Church of England, Defender of the Faith and representative of the British People and their ancient privileges guaranteed in law and the Magna Carta. To these ordinances only and these alone I shall be obedient as a loyal and faithful British subject.

The current British New Labour administration having acted against the British People, is an illegal entity and foreign inspired rump with no legal authority within the accepted rules and laws evolved through statute, custom and case law over the long history of our country. No Parliament can hand us over to a foreign power or commit its successors to do the same!

Let Right be done!

God save the Queen!

Signed by this day 28th October 2007AD.

Cry Freedom! Cry Conscience! Cry Enough!

Support La Resistance! Join us now!

We have a bill of rights, we have no need of a European constitution.
What we want is this treachery stopped and a full explanation to the British people the full implications of the 40 year old EU/ARAB DIALOGUE.
In relation to this the special meaning of the date 2010?
For oil and power politicians with their greed up front have sold Europe and the UK out.
Three parties full of traitors!

ontoyoulot said...

when truth is monitered we see fascists at work.........