Saturday, October 06, 2007

How to beat the BNP? Visit Campaign TV

If you have not yet visited Campaign TV then you really should take a look.

One of their most popular films - How We Beat the BNP - tells the story of Labour's successful campaign to stop the BNP gaining more seats in Sandwell. In 2006 they won three seats, bringing the BNP group on the council up to four. In May of this year the BNP were confident that they would make further gains and put up candidates in 15 seats. In the end not one of those 15 candidates got elected and their vote dropped by a third.

The Labour party was supported by the Hope Not Hate campaign, the Daily Mirror, local teachers and religious leaders. It appears that a BNP supporters are very upset by the video on Campaign TV. Some in the BNP are asking whether trade union money was used in its production.

The answer? Of course it was. In fact there was very significant financial and campaign backing from the trade union Amicus-Unite and its local members. Why? Because the majority of trade union members despise BNP and everything that it stands for, and are, and will continue to be, happy for their money to be spent keeping it and its supporters out of power and influence for as long as it takes.


The Green Arrow said...

ROFL Mike,

Do you honestly believe what you write? Their is only one trade union now that speaks for the True British Workers and that is Solidarity.

Your trying to hold back the tide Mike and the only thing that happens then is you get to look really wet.

Old Sailor said...

Which Solidarity? The non Trade Union Trade Union that was extablished as a BNP front to rip members money off, or the non Trade Union Trade Union that was stolen from its members by the Nick Griffin fan club to rip members money off ?

Not fogetting that the total number of members of both hucksters clubs total less than those members attending a meeting of the Union of Wheel Tappers and Shunters at Cleethorpes on a wet January night.