Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Great news - the BNP is in crisis (again).

According to Searchlight there are serious and major splits within the leadership of the British National Party. It appears that several full-time officers have resigned and others are openly speaking out against the leader Nick Griffin. The November issue of Searchlight will carry a special report on the internal strife in the BNP - should make interesting reading.


The Green Arrow said...

Dream on Mike. Labour is falling apart all over the country. Your M.P.'s have been caught with their hands in the taxpayers pockets to fund their second homes and you have an unelected leader who is now ripping chunks from the BNP manifesto to try and get votes.

Meanwhile the BNP continues to grow and you guys are wetting yourselves.

Old Sailor said...

Is this the same "Green Arrow" who was pleading continuesly for contributions to continue funding his Facist Website ?

Incidently Lancaster UAF have some extreamly good factual articles on the finances of the BNP - and thier criminal activities.

Wierd Aunt Martha said...

It's the same Green Arrow who posted that he prays for Nick Griffin.

It's the same Green Arrow who goes on about free speech and how other blogs won't publish his comments.

It's the same Green Arrow who won't publish YOUR comments (I know - I've tested him several times).

It's the same Green Arrow who thinks Nick Griffin and sliced bread were invented at the same time.

It's the same Green Arrow who rabbits on about democracy but supports the purge of Jackson supporters, the illegal Solidarity takeover and all the rest.

It's the same Green Arrow who... I'm off to bed!

Anonymous said...

it is the same Green Arrow that we all pity, obviously an only child, who is focusing his hero worship on griffin, his delusional rants on his website are to be pitied, obviously someone felt sorry for him cos his computer is still working.

Old Sailor said...

That assumnes that Green Arrows appeal for a new computer was genuine, and not one of the many scams perpetuated by the right to fill thier pockets, at the expense of the naive right.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Guys,

Got a new machine and also a backup now so all OK thanks. Great response. Excess donated to BNP.

But thats not why I called in. Just curious as to what you made of the result on Thursday by election in Church Gresley, Midlands

* Lab 639 43.80

* BNP 516 35.37

* Con 304 20.84

Not bad for first time standing. Clever of you lot to do a deal with the Lib Dems not to stand and split your vote further.

Never stop us now.

The Green Arrow said...

sorry weird. Missed you out.

I have not seen any posts on Green Arrow from you. There is no moderation. The only posts removed are ones containing bad language.
I suspect your mind like your politics is muddled.