Sunday, October 07, 2007

Grammar schools back on the political agenda

According to the Sunday Times the political row over selective education is about to be reignited following the announcement that the government intends to look at how it can make it easier for disaffected parents to force the closure of local grammar schools.

Good news? In my view, yes. For two main reasons:

1. Selective education is bad for England and the ending of academic selection at aged 11 is very much unfinished business.

2. Such a move will open clear dividing lines between a Labour party committed to equity as well as excellence and a Tory party that wishes to entrench advantage.

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JRD168 said...

It is good news in a way I suppose. There's very little chance of the government doing anything nationally about Grammar Schools, so I suppose making it slightly easier for local parents to set about closing them down can only be a positive.