Sunday, October 28, 2007

Exeter University and the BNP

Why on earth are Exeter University Debating Society providing a platform for the British National Party?

Apparently they have organised a debate around the motion, "This house believes the BNP should have the right to express their views on university campuses".

The debate is to take place on the evening of Friday 2 November. Daryl Scatcherd's (Debating Society President) has stated that the event will be a debate on the issue of "Freedom of Speech and we were hoping you could debate the reasons why people like the BNP should not be given the same rights as others when it comes to university education."

Since the invite the BNP has been active distributing its local Grassroots newsletter in Torquay and Exeter.

You can email Daryl Scatcherd at and ask him to explain exactly why he is inviting the BNP who the speakers will be.
Update: Daryl has replied to an email I sent to him, he states:

No member of the BNP has been invited to speak at any event. We are hosting a debate with the motion "this house believes the bnp should have the right to express their views on university campuses" and we have asked Unite Against Fascism to come and make a case against members of the debating society of whom believe freedom of speech should be absolute in a tolerant and free society such as ours.


The Green Arrow said...

Hi Mike, just in case they do prevent freedom of speech at Exeter, some of your readers with more open minds might like to check out the speech made by Nick Griffin in Clements that is over on my blog.

By the way what happened to the Labour vote over in Epping?

* Tories 299 (30.4%)
* BNP 281 (28.5%)
* Lib Dem 274 (27.8%)
* Labour 131 (13.3%)

Denise G said...

Or better still, what happened to the BNP vote in the only real ward election (Epping was a parish seat) it fought that night?

Con 922 (40.52)
LibDem 769 (33.80)
Lab 419 (18.41)
BNP 94 (4.13)
UKIP 71 (3.12)

Total 2275
Turnout 22.8%

A little less disingenuity and a lot more honesty on your part might (just) gain you a little respect, Green Arrow.

The Green Arrow said...

But that was not the question was it denise? Do try to pay attention.

I asked what happened to the Labour vote in Epping? If you want to talk about the paper campaign we ran elsewhere I will. Shall we also talk about the Labour Councillor and the fraud charges?

But if you wish to talk about honesty could we ask about how John Crudass and other Labour MPs are ripping of the British Taxpayers.

Or we could talk about the promised Referendum that the unelected Prime Minister refuses to give the people?

Labour knows nothing of honesty or honour and we wont go into the selling of them.

We could also talk about the collusion between the Labour and Tory parties as revealed in last weeks Daily Mirror. If you missed it, you can get the details on my blog.

Sir James Curmudgeon said...

This is one issue perhaps, Mike, where we can agree.

johnofgwent said...

"Mike" I'm sure if you wanted to ensure no platform was given to the BNP you could very quickly achieve this by having a chat with those who ensured Bath University were forced to deny the BNP leader a platform for fear that the meeting be broken up by violent protestors.

It is my experience that those with extreme views condemn themselves out of their own mouths and their own hands far more eloquently than I, or their extremist opponents, ever could. And that applies to all extreme views.

If you cannot see the irony in inviting the UAF to justify their stance under the banner of a debate as published, then you need a sense of humour transplant.

I wish Mr Satcherd well in his meeting and his future career and I thank you for providing his email address so I can pass on my good wishes.

john of gwent

Anonymous said...

If 'Daryl' is sooooo sure that NO member of the BNP has been invited, do we take it that Griffin has not paid his party membership subs?

mutleythedog said...

I expect most Exeter Uni students have the good sense to go down the pub or go clubbing or have sex or take drugs on a Friday night and not have anything to do with this silly stuff.

Remember the quote "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to remain sober..."

I think that says it all

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear, Oh Dear. The plot is becoming much more thicker! Here’s two quick information hits to add to the all of this, in respect of the President of the Debating Society!

Firstly, a posting appears on the Lancaster UAF website at: which reads…

Anonymous said...

A) the guild claims that bnp members will not be present

B) whether they are or not, the guy running the debating soc is a dodgy fascist and this picture doesnt help:

I have looked at the photo in question (this is attached). After a brief pause for laughter - I have now spoken directly to Daryl Scatcherd, President of the Exeter University Debating Society, by telephone. In answer to my very direct straight question HE HAS VERBALLY CONFIRMED TO ME THAT HE IS ONE OF THE TWO PEOPLE IN THE PHOTOGRAPH.

Secondly, the debating Society held a committee meeting on 27th April this year. The minutes of that meeting record (see item 10 of the attached minutes): “BNP debate desired, issue needs re-raising with the guild and the university. Issue needs more thought and planning if to be successful.”

I think the photo of Daryl Scatcherd, President of the Exeter University Debating Society, should be enough of a ‘tool’ to use strategically to get this BNP debate called off once-and-for-all. You now have the information – now pile on the pressure!

No Pasaran!

MJ said...


As an active and (hopefully) repsected member of the Debating Society I would say that we DO want a BNP debate - not in the name of fascism, but in the name of intelligent political debate, which is what we consider to be of the highest value to the society and the University.

Daryl can wear what he wants to a dressing up party - he may make himself look like a fool, and he may well prove once and for all that he is not in the least bit a comedian. However, dressing up for "a laugh" does not make him a Nazi. I dressed up as a cadaver last night, and that doesn't make me a dead body.

It's not the photo that's the "tool" (ho ho ho).

I would discourage any ad hominem attack as not only unecessary, but utterly against the principles of debating.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Exeter student and I fully intend to have sex, take drugs, and go clubbing on the Friday night in question.

However, I am also an intelligent and freethinking individual, holding fast onto the ability to think for myself - so I shall be attending the debate as well.

Dave said...

I think that Daryl and Prince Harry go way back..

But seriously chaps, there's a whole lot of hot air floating around over this and most of it is unecessary.

The Guild "claims" that the BNP have not been invited? They claim it because it is true people - Build a bridge and get over it.

To be honest this debate is likely to be the biggest anti-climax of the year, its a few students getting together to stretch the little grey cells, not a rally for every fascist nutjob in the south west.

Anonymous said...

any pretty boy dressing up in a nazi SS uniform, with that certain smug look on his face is not doing it for a laugh or a joke, i can appreciate the previous comments about dressing up for halloween. But the photo ive seen of scratchcard and his buddy is far more worrying, he obviously has his own agenda and no amount of back pedaling is going to get this little nazi of the hook.

Chris Paul said...

Ought of interest - which one is Scratchcard and who is the other one? And are they known to be involved as members in any political party?

The last time University of Manchester SU voted on No Platform I attended.

The quality of the debate was very poor indeed. The arse from the BNP probably made the best and certainly the bravest speech and the chair called it off, accepting a "move to a vote" before a libertarian (lib dem?) muslim who was I think planning to support the BNP position could speak.

Overwhelmingly carried of course. But not because of the strength of any argument.

Chris Paul said...

Did this debate actually take place?

Chris Paul said...
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phil said...

Yes the debate did take place - there were two Exeter students speaking for and two NUT/UAF members speaking against.

There was 178 people in the room. The proposition won by thirty votes which was surprising really, but perhaps had more to do with the Society members support for Daryl than the arguments, also one of the NUS/UAF speakers was very rude to the chairwoman and I think this lost him some votes.

The Exeter branch of UAF protested with about ten or so people outside flyering as did the socialist students (complete with megaphone) but it all passed peacefully.