Sunday, October 14, 2007

Does the present abortion law need amending?

There is likely to be at least one attempt this parliament to amend the present 24 week time limit on abortion. Abortion law has always been altered through private members' bills tabled by backbenchers rather than by government in the past, with MPs voting according to their conscience. However the tacit support of the government is vital to get private members' bills through, making the views of the Prime Minister and Health Secretary crucial. I would hazard a guess that both Gordon Brown and Alan Johnson may well be supportive of a reduction from 24 to 22 weeks.

I personally would back such a proposal - what do others think?


Daily Referendum said...

I would also support this Bill.

It is ridiculous that you can have one Doctor trying to save premature babies at 22 weeks, while another Doctor is aborting them at 24 weeks in the next room.

mutleythedog said...

You might think I would make a silly remark - but I will not.

JRD168 said...

I'm not sure who the "Pro-Life Alliance" are, but I'd certainly be a little wary of their motives.

Phil A said...

The Pro Life Alliance is an anti abortion pressure group. Their ‘mission statement’ is “securing the right to life of all human beings, from conception to natural death.” So they are not just anti abortion full stop, they are also anti euthanasia.

I am in favour of allowing individuals to say enough! And opt out if they really want to and are of sound mind. We keep people alive when a pet owner would be prosecuted for cruelty for doing the same to an animal.

If you are going to allow abortion then the limit is probably reasonable at 23 or 24 weeks.

The issue is an emotive one, but I would be uncomfortable abridging women’s rights in the matter and I feel the woman’s rights should generally take precedence over those of a foetus that is unable or unlikely to survive outside of her body.