Sunday, October 28, 2007

Do the Tories really want to see an end to the Union?

It appears that under David Cameron the Tories will press for constitutional changes that would restrict the voting rights of Scottish Westminster MPs on matters of English jurisdiction. As the today's Observer leader comment points out, if the Tories really do want to hasten the end of the Union, they have a most willing partner in Alex Salmond.

The Tories are not engaging in political strategy, they are playing a tactical game and attempting to make mischief over Gordon Brown's Scottishness.

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Phil A said...

The way the debate is going there is a choice. Many urge an English parliament, like the Scots. That way probably means the end of the union.

A less destructive alternative is excluding Scottish MPs from voting on English matters, as the English population is getting restive over this.

What possible justification can Scottish MPs have for voting on English matters when English MPs have no say over Scottish Matters? It is noticeable that many of the said Scottish MPs are Labour MPs.

Labour's Scottish Parliament and Welsh assembly look much more like the wedges that will split the Union.