Thursday, October 11, 2007

Burma ePetition

Burma is ruled by one of the worst military dictatorships in the world. Last month we saw Buddhist monks and nuns marching and chanting prayers in a call for democracy. The protests spread and hundreds of thousands of Burmese people joined in. However we also know that many people have been brutally attacked by the military regime.

I have just signed a petition calling on Burma's powerful ally China and the UN security council to step in and pressure Burma's rulers to stop the killing. The petition has exploded to over 500,000 signatures in a few days and is being advertised in newspapers around the world, delivered to the UN Security Council, and broadcast to the Burmese people by radio.

To add your name to the petition simply click on the link below. Please feel free to draw the petition to the attention of friends, family and work colleagues.

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Sir Philip Johnston-Higham said...

Hi Mike. I'm James Higham of Blogpower and have just come over for a quick look. Personally would love to see you with us, though our politics differ on many matters. To me it's the person, not the politics.