Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tory A List candidate defects to Labour

Judith Symes, who is on David Cameron's A-list of approved candidates, says she has lost faith in the Conservative party and is now a Labour supporter.

She told the Brighton Argus:

"The Conservatives badly needed reform and David Cameron presented himself as the reformer but he is not succeeding. He has not gathered together a cross-section of society. Instead, elitism and exclusivity are at the heart of the party."

Who will be next?


James said...

Hi mike,Considering the recent revelations about Adam Rickett I thinkCameron's A list is beginning to blow back in his face. By settingparticular people up as examples he has placed them under incrediblescrutiny though they are not MPs. Again, it is another example of himtrying the spin without the substance.Jim

gw said...

Judith who ?????