Monday, September 24, 2007

Political influences

I have been tagged by JRD at Some Random Thoughts to list my top 5 political influences. Here goes:

1. Tony Crossland - for the clarity of his thinking
2. Nye Bevan - for the clarity of his convictions
3. Sean Healy (my uncle) - for his decency and steadfastness. He was a life-long member of the Irish Communist party.
4. Tony Benn - I don't always agree with him on everything but I do admire the way in which he seeks to remove the personal from the political.
5. Jurgen Moltmann, the author of the Theology of Hope. A book I return to often and in doing so always remember why it is I joined the Labour party.

I am not quite certain I understand how this tagging business works but in the spirit of collaboration I duly tag Luke Akehurst, Tom Watson, New Direction and Fair Deal Phil.


Luke Akehurst said...

Challenge accepted. I'll post mine in a bit.

JRD168 said...

An interesting choice Mike! I see where your view of Comprehensive education dates from now, what was Tony Crosland's view of Grammar Schools again...?

Gordon's Gofer said...

mine -
1 - Mo Mowlam
2 - Eric Hobsbawm
3 - Nigel Griffiths
4 - Gordon Brown
5 - Barbara Castle

for more see