Saturday, September 22, 2007

Iain Dale says Cameron is playing the 'long game.'

I received my autumn edition of the Fabian Review this morning. Some interesting articles and a thought provoking interview with Ed Miliband. There is also a piece from Iain Dale arguing that Labour must not underestimate the Tories. He is right, of course, it is always a serious error to underestimate your opponents. However it is his final sentence that really caught my eye:

'Clear blue water is at last starting to emerge between a control freak, short-termist headline-grabbing Prime Minister and a Leader of the Opposition who is playing the long game.'

So Cameron is playing the 'long game.' What does this mean exactly? Is Iain suggesting that the Tories have given up and that Cameron is now focusing, not on the next general election but the one after that? Perhaps Cameron really will end up being the Tory party's Neil Kinnock.

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